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CI Mutual Funds

Sagicor Investments offers investors access to one of the top performing mutual funds in Canada. Sagicor Investments partnership with CI investments (Canada’s 3rd largest investment Company) gives you the chance to invest not only across industries but across borders as well.

If you’re a modest or even an aggressive investor looking for a medium to long term investment, our CI investments may be right for you. Some of the benefits of the CI investments mutual fund include:

  • Diversification.

    CI investments mutual funds invest in a broad range of securities and asset classes. Large mutual funds typically own hundreds of different stocks in many different industries.
  • Professional Management.

    CI investments mutual funds are a relatively inexpensive way for the average investor to benefit from the expertise and insights of some of the world’s best money managers.
  • Convenience.

    Simply fax, or email your requests and get the benefits of a diversified portfolio with just one purchase.
  • Liquidity.

    Investors can easily sell their shares at any time (usually subject to an initial minimum holding period).
  • Flexibility.

    There is a fund to match every investing need and investor profile.
  • Economies of Scale.

    The volumes involved in mutual fund transactions lead to costs lower than what you would pay for an individual transaction.
  • Investor Protection.

    CI investments mutual funds are highly regulated, ensuring operating standards.
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